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Love In The Asylum

Dude, You're Confusing Reality With Porn Again

31 July 1989
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Hey, you've just stumbled across the journal of Masterofmidgets, affectionately known as Midget, Ed, or Hey You Over There! A few things about me:

The Mundane: I'm a 21 year old straight-ish white-ish poor-ish female college student. I grew up in New Mexico, which I am oddly fond of despite its bizarre weather patterns and predeliction for putting green chile on everything. I'm in my fourth year of uni at Stanford University in the Bay Area, studying English Literature and creative writing. I post about it a lot! If only to complain OMG WHY DID I DO THIS WHAT WAS I THINKING? But it's still kind of awesome. I am a liberal progressive pro-gay rights pro-choice anti-war feminist Obama-voting Democrat into polifandom, so fair warning, I do talk politics on occasion.

The Fannish: I write! Frequently, if not well. I like writing original fiction and I want to get published, but fandom owns a big hunk of my heart too. I dip in and out of fandom pools with great abandon, and I'm always up for being turned onto new things. Right now I'm really into DC and Marvel comics fandom, SGA and Supernatural, Merlin, polifandom (I love you Rahmbamarama!), Due South, Star Trek, and Doctor Who, though.

The Practical: This is a fun space for me to flail about fandom, write long boring rants about my life as a student and sometime person with a life, and rarely reflective posts about my views on life, politics, religion (I'm Wiccan, btw), etc. Friend me if you like - I'm definitely glad to have you around, and I'll be happy to friend you back. I don't really friendslock anything unless it is really really personal - about one post a year. Comments are love, but I won't throw a fit if you don't comment. Also, if I ever say or do anything offensive or obnoxious, feel free to call me out on it.

For the time being, this journal is cross-posted to Dreamwidth, and also Insanejournal, Journalfen, and Inksome. I'm Masterofmidgets everywhere you go. :D